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Pets on the ferries

Enjoy travelling with your small pets on Hopo

Small dog breeds (and cats) can travel on the ferries.

To ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers, the following rules apply when travelling with your four-legged friend:

  • Small pets are approximately seven (7) kilograms in weight
  • Pets must be on a lead or in a carrier
  • Pets must sit on your lap or at your feet
  • Maintain control of your pet at all times
  • Carry waste bags and clean up any mess
  • Do not consume pet food on board
  • Maximum of two pets per person at a time

Please note, that due to space restrictions onboard, pet travel may not be possible during busy times – e.g. weekends and school holidays – and will be at the captains’ discretion.

A water bowl is provided at the Hopo Kiosk in Surfers Paradise, with other pet facilities at all stops.  The Marina Mirage centre is also pet-friendly, don’t miss visiting Posh Pets on the second floor, which has the cutest pet accessories and outfits in town.

HopoDogFerryTrial 1
Dachshund at the feet of owner on a boat

Your furry friends remain your responsibility

Due to capacity, or other operational reasons, ferry staff may ask you to wait for another service.

It is recommended that pets only travel on short journeys. It is not recommended that pets travel on the two-hour sightseeing loop.

Your pet’s welfare remains the handler’s responsibility at all times. A pet’s behaviour may change in unfamiliar environments.

If you have any concerns, please discuss them with the ferry crew before boarding. If your pet becomes stressed or unwell while on board, notify the crew and plan to disembark at the next stop.

Please be aware that excessive vocalising or aggressive behaviour may result in a forfeited journey for yourself and your pet. Whilst this behaviour is sometimes out of your control, we must consider the safety and enjoyment of Hopo for all guests.

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