Ferry Timetable

Between 4 November 2021 and 4 December 2021, Hopo will operate an extended timetable as part of the Hopo Commuter Trial. For timetable information outside of these dates please see the regular service timetable below.

Commuter Trial Timetable

4 November 2021 to 4 December 2021

Hopo timetable HOTAExpress 3 scaled

Regular Service Timetable

Hopo timetable Regular scaled

Commuter Trial Timetable

4 Nov 2021 to 4 Dec 2021

Hopo timetable HOTAExpress mob 1 scaled
Download Commuter Trial Timetable

Regular Service Timetable

Hopo timetable regular mob
Download Regular Service Timetable

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